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awareness moves
us forward.
eq profile

awareness, data and practices for synergetic and productive relationships. 

360 assessment

 a view of you within your organization.

360 Assess tools

EQ Profile (Emotional Intelligence Assessment) - Provides a unique lens into your internal default patterns when conflict or stress surface in professional and personal relationships.


Together, we use your report and handbook, and our coaching conversations to become more aware of these patterns. 


This informs strategic practices that will guide you in choosing alternative responses for more meaningful, trustworthy, and productive relationships and building trust within teams, organizations and communities.

360 AssessmentThis radical departure from typical 360s, identifies and maximizes the best that people do and engages a community of support with targeted partners as allies creating an environment conducive to progress and development.


The organization’s investment coupled with your commitment, provides you with deeper, lasting, and accelerated change. You can achieve your goals and deliver on business results.


This holistic approach begins a cultural shift, and supports how you interact with, contribute to, and impact an organization.

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