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rethink what's possible,
then build it.
focused attention on your desired outcomes. 

My Approach - Combines compassion and candor in a safe space where clients feel comfortable and compelled to explore what’s present and possible in their lives. 


Client-centered - Coaching propels inner growth as we explore hidden patterns, mobilize untapped strengths, and employ customized practices with data-rich learning tools. This tailored process culminates in an actionable and sustainable development plan to meet what you most desire.


Within organizations, coaching combines this approach with the sponsor's intention to support your development while achieving business priorities. 

strengthening systems by galvanizing the individual within them.

Coaching the Coach - Equipping your leadership with the essential processes, practices and tools to deliver immediate, impactful coaching to team members that achieves lasting change and produces measurable outcomes.  


Inclusivity at Work - Creating an inclusive culture and leading diverse teams is a business imperative. Our efforts involve exploring your organization’s current state, getting grounded in unconscious bias research, and applying proven practices and real-time scenarios to interrupt bias in everyday situations and within systems.  


Engaged Teams - Using data-driven emotional intelligence assessment to discover unconscious responses when

individuals (or team members) are in conflict with others. New information and language learned from the assessment offers heightened awareness and resources to develop and sustain synergetic relationships and high performing/high trust teams.

Training Design & Facilitation - Partnering to create and deliver strategic training sessions that meet diverse audience needs and business results. 

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